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σ-board is a specialized kind of plug-board designed to
simplify the building & creation of eurorack modules out of arbitrary functional
circuits implemented on separate PCBs.

It provides the base for arranging the required panel control elements.
Main-circuit PCBs may be mounted on the σ-board either
vertically or horizontally (2-layered PCB sandwich).

Together with one or more Syntaxis μmodules, an σ-board makes it possible
to build a complete eurorack module quickly and easily, with no soldering required!

Being a plug-board, the σ-board is reusable, thus the location and
type of controls, as well as their connections, may be freely modified.
However, unlike a typical plug-board (bread-board), which is intended solely for
prototyping purposes, an σ-board may be safely used also for
building finalised devices that are ready for use whether live on stage or in the studio.
This is thanks to the σ-board's contact design, which makes connections firm and durable.

Each σ-board variant has its normal soldered PCB counterpart
with identically arranged control elements and connectors,
thus fitting the same pannel plate. So, if a more rigorous
construction is desired, the user may easily transform the
module into a soldered version.

For all σ-board's variants dedicated blank panels are available..


  • easy assembling with no soldering required,
  • eurorack 8HP compatible,
  • eurorack power bus connection 2x8 pins,
  • firm and durable contacts,
  • to be used with Syntaxis μmodules or user PCBs,
  • dedicated panel offered separately
  • normal soldered PCB with identically arranged controls and connectors offered separately

Manufacturer: Syntaxis, Poland