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universal panel PCB for 8HP eurorack modules (16 controls)

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universal panel PCB for 8HP eurorack modules


  • 16 slots for placing panel side elements: up to 8 potentiometers, up to 16 toggle switches, up to 16 jack sockets
  • module depth: 38.2mm with main PCB (e.g. umodule) mounted vertically; 17-20mm with main PCB  mounted horizontally
  • a 28-pin long slots for connecting Syntaxis micromodules and/or user boards
  • all inter-PCB connectors in raster 2.54/01''.
  • a slot for 2x8 pin header for eurorack style power supply tape (IDC-16)
  • a slot installing +5V regulator nanomodule (available soon from Syntaxis)
  • pre-connected GDN for jacks and potentiometer housings
  • power rails (GND, +5V, +12V, -12V) distributed across the board
  • dimensions: 38,1mm x 108,8mm (suitable for 8 HP eurorack module)

Manufacturer: Syntaxis