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8-channel high-precision MIDI-to-CV converter

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uMIDI-MONO-A is a monophonic MIDI-to-CV converter in the form of a compact micromodule, offering 8 high-precision control voltages plus GATE and CLOCK signals. The module is designed to translate the complete set of control signals produced by a MIDI keyboard into control voltages for an analog synthesizer. In addition to PITCH, GATE, VELOCITY, AFTERTOUCH, PITCHBEND, MODULATION, and SUSTAIN messages, which are handled by default, 3 user-selectable CC controllers may be assigned to three auxiliary CV channels.

The device receives MIDI signal through standard, disturbance-safe UART (DIN) input, what also simplifies integration with user circuits including digital part.

Thanks to the on-board 8-channel 16-bit analog-to-digital converter, the module offers eight CV outputs of uncompromising accuracy with output voltage step being at the level of 0.3mV! This allows to achieve pitch voltage precision of less then 1/2 cent and full 14-bit resolution of control voltages, even when the output range is reduced to 1/4 of the maximal one.

All CV outputs except PITCH may be configured to generate control voltage in any range within the limits of $-10V div +10V$ with the choice of 5 response curves and polarity.

The 1V/Oct PITCH output range is $0 div 10V$, what translates to 10 octaves, with additional possibility to choose the lowest C note corresponding to 0V.

A unique feature of uMIDI-MONO-A is its ability to generate pitch voltages corresponding not only to the most commonly used tempered intonation, but also to 12 natural intonations. There is more: the user may define up to 3 custom intonations, by adjusting voltages for each note within an octave or even for each separate note in the whole keyboard - without any limits. Custom intonations may also be used to adjust the PITCH output for a specific voltage controlled oscillator in order to compensate its nonlinearity.


  • 8 highest-precision voltage outputs provided by 8-channel 16-bit digital-to-analog converter
  • all keyboard control sources handled: PITCH, GATE, VELOCITY, PITCHBEND, AFTERTOUCH, MODULATION, SUSTAIN
  • PITCHBEND voltage accessible independently and/or summed with PITCH voltage
  • 3 auxiliary CV channels AUX1, AUX2, AUX3 for user assignable CC controls
  • PITCH output precision: < 1/2 cent
  • 16 intonations easily switchable during performance: 1 x tempered, 12 x natural, 3 x custom
  • custom intonations allow to map independently each MIDI note to arbitrary voltage with 1/2 cent precision
  • true 14-bit resolution on PITCHBEND, MODULATION and three AUX channels
  • configurable voltage range for all CV channels, max: -10V - +10V
  • 5 response curves to choose on all CV channels
  • user configurable midi clock translation
  • MIDI channel selection and OMNI mode
  • GATE and MIDI activity signals exposed for external LEDs
  • easy to handle UART (DIN) MIDI input
  • dimensions: 50.8mm x 26.7mm (without pins)

Manufacturer: Syntaxis, Poland