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voltage controlled oscillator micromodule

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μVCO·3340·A is a voltage controlled oscillator micromodule, which provides three waveforms full of harmonics, well suited for subtractive synthesis. The unit is based on AS3340 integrated circuit, a clone of the famous CEM3340 chip by Curtis.


• 3 independently accessible waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, pulse
• voltage controlled PWM
• audio signal amplitude 10Vpp (−5V ÷ +5V range)
• 4 summed frequency control inputs 1 V/Oct
• additional 1/2 V/Oct frequency control input for range selection
• additional 24 V/Oct frequency control input for fine-tuning
• linear FM modulation input
• synchronization input
• buffered signal output
• +12V, −12V power supply
• reverse voltage protection

Manufacturer: Syntaxis, Poland

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