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voltage controlled filter micromodule

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Production of this module is temporarily discontinued due to unavailability of some of the main components. The stock level shows the number of available pieces.

μVCF·3320·LP4·A is a four stage voltage controlled low pass filter micromodule. Its 24dB per octave slope delivers classic sound response found in many synthesizers. The micromodule is based on the AS3320 integrated circuit.

• integrated 4-channel input signal mixer
• integrated 4-channel cut-off frequency CV mixer
• integrated 2-channel resonance CV mixer
• control voltage range normalized to 0 ÷ 5 V
• exponential control of cut-off frequency
• linear control of resonance
• buffered signal output
• low noise
• +12V, −12V power supply
• reverse voltage protection

Manufacturer: Syntaxis, Poland

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