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μPSU 112·A is a power supply unit developed for Syntaxis micromodular system. The unit provides stable voltages of −12V/1A, +12V/1A, and +5V/2A.

The unit may be powered with any voltage between 16.5V and 24V, 2A min. Most of laptop chargers are suitable for this purpose. The power source need not be of high quality.


• input voltage: 16.5V ÷ 24V/2A
• output voltages: −12V/1A, +12V/1A, +5V/2A
• output voltage precission: 2.5%
• two-step regulation (step-down, LDO) for each output voltage
• efficiency: 96%
• reverse voltage protection
• convenient connection with solid spring contacts

Manufacturer: Syntaxis, Poland

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