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10HP universal eurorack PCB

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10HP universal eurorack PCB

* 18 slots for placing panel side elements, which can accomodate:
    - up to 8 potentiometers,
    - up to 4 rotary switches,
    - up to 18 toggle switches,
    - up to 18 jack sockets;

* on-board circuit for installing +12V to +5V converter (7805 + 2 x 1uF);

* pre-connected GDN for jacks and element housings;

* power paths (GND, +5V, +12V, -12V) distributed across the board;

* a 30-pin long slot for connecting external boards (e.g. Syntaxis micromodules);

* a slot for 2x5 pin header for eurorack style power supply;

* dimensions: 47mm x 110mm (suitable for 10 HP eurorack module).

Manufacturer: Syntaxis

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