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ENV/LFO 1.1 full DIY kit


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Entry level DIY - full kit with panel - integrated modulation source module.

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Entry level DIY - full kit with panel* - integrated modulation source module: ADSR + LFO.

*If you would like to configure your device in a different manner than suggested, we may provide a blank panel instead of the one with default print.


  • two independent modulation sources: ADSR envelope and LFO
  • ADSR envelope with 0 - +5V range
  • RC envelope shape
  • independent gate and trigger
  • positive and negative envelope output
  • 4 independently accessible LFO waveforms: triangle, saw, inverted saw, pulse
  • 5Vpp LFO output signal with adjustable DC shift
  • pulse width control for the pulse wave
  • coarse and fine frequency control
  • all outputs buffered and protected
  • power supply $-12$V, GND, $+12$V
  • on-board +5V regulator
  • EURORACK compatible power supply connector 2x5 pins
  • EURORACK dimensions: 10HP module width, 38mm module depth

Included items:

  • 1 x EUROPCB-10-A
  • 1 x µADSR-3310-A micromodule
  • 1 x µLFO-3340-A micromodule
  • 8 x potentiometer 9mm Alpha, T18 shaft
  • 10 x jack socket Thonkiconn
  • 1 x 79L05 regulator
  • 2 x 1µF capacitor (PP or PA)
  • 1 x pin headers 2x5


Manufacturer: Syntaxis, Poland

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