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MIX 1.1 full DIY kit


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Entry level DIY - full kit with panel - 4-channel mixer.

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Entry level DIY - full kit with panel - 4-channel mixer.

The kit includes:

  • 8HP eurorack module compatible PCB (EUROPCB-8-16-A)
  • a dedicated panel (PANEL-8-16-MIX11)*
  • a mixer micromodule (uMIX-481-EXP-A)
  • 4 x B100k potentiometer**, with knobs
  • 12 x mono jack socket
  • 2m of connection wire, 24AWG

*If you wish to assemble the device in a different manner than suggested, we can provide a blank panel instead.
**B10k potentiometers may be supplied on request.


  • four channels,
  • manual or voltage controlled gain on each channel,
  • auxiliary CV gain control on channels 1 and 2,
  • exponential characteristic,
  • may be used both for audio and CV signals,
  •     control voltage range: 0--5V (may be changed to 0--10V by inserting 100k resistors in series at CV inputs),
  • module depth: 39mm.

The connection diagram may be found in EUROPCB-8-16-A datasheet.

Manufacturer: Syntaxis, Poland

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