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VCO 1.2 full DIY kit

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Entry level DIY - full kit with panel - voltage controlled oscillator.

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Entry level DIY - full kit with panel - voltage controlled oscillator.

The kit includes:

  • 8HP eurorack module compatible PCB (EUROPCB-8-16-A)
  • a dedicated panel (PANEL-8-16-VCO12)*
  • a vco micromodule (uVCO-3340-A)
  • 1 x sub-miniature toggle switch
  • 4 x B100k potentiometer**
  • 11 x mono jack socket
  • 1 x male pin headers 2x8
  • 2m of connection wire, 24AWG


  • 4 x aluminium knob, black, 10mm diameter (see picture)

*If you wish to assemble the device in a different manner than suggested, we can provide a blank panel instead.
**B10k potentiometers may be supplied on request.


  • 3 independently accessible waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, pulse
  • audio signal amplitude 10Vpp (−5V ÷ +5V range)
  • manually/voltage controlled PWM
  • 4 summed frequency control inputs 1 V/Oct, 10 octaves range
  • coarse and fine frequency control potentiometers
  • linear FM modulation input with attenuator
  • synchronization input with on-off switch
  • synchronization output
  • two multiturn potentiometers for precise calibration (umodule board)
  • all inputs and outputs protected
  • +12V, −12V power supply
  • reverse voltage protection
  • control voltage range: 0--5V (may be changed to 0--10V by inserting 100k resistors in series at CV inputs),
  • module depth: 39mm.

The connection diagram may be found in EUROPCB-8-16-A datasheet.

Manufacturer: Syntaxis, Poland

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